Bahasa Indonesia for Economics and Business Purposes

Good news!

For you the professionals and business people who are always busy. You only have limited time to learn a comprehensive Indonesian language, now present a specific program of Indonesian Language for Economics and Business Purposes.

The program is designed based on the needs of foreign speakers who are required to interact with colleagues in the office or with corporate partners in various business opportunities outside immediately. We know many Indonesians who are able to speak English well however because they only meet few foreigners everyday in their working environment, then we realized they are more comfortable to speak Indonesian for communications and in the meetings. Therefore to support your work, you certainly need to speak Indonesian as soon as possible with them.

To communicate effectively in Indonesian especially in the economics and business sectors, we will provide vocabularies and illustrations based on the proper social settings. For example, conversations and business correspondence which are useful to businesses in banks, insurance, restaurants, hotels, airports, tourist attractions, entertainment venues, job seekers and students in the International Program. In this program you will also learn general office administration terms, how to create business letters and job applications in Indonesian, interview prospective employees, doing minutes of meeting, giving a presentation, welcoming speech of conference, read graphs and tables about the advantages and disadvantages of companies, sales, investments and periodic reports, as well as financial and accounting terminologies as we find on the balance sheet, invoices and pay the bills.

As a professional or businessman, you definitely do not want to miss the actual news that is beneficial to the progress of your business in Indonesia and the world. This program also adapts the curriculum to local and international business updates in its subject.

Although you could directly learn the Indonesian language specifically for economy and business, this program will discuss and use a combination of base words and words in affixes more complex so that requires the ability of Indonesian language at least the basic level. Where foreign speakers have known the process of word formation from the basic to the affixed word. The process of word formation is important to understand because both the base word and affixed word have functions and meanings that are the same or different in certain contexts. Basic Indonesian language is easier to master so you can learn this program soon afterwards. As the wise man say, there is a process in every stage. Enjoy it with all your heart:-)

What are you waiting for?

For foreign speakers who have mastered basic Indonesian, enroll yourself asap in the program of BAHASA INDONESIA FOR ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS PURPOSES to optimize your business and work performances.

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