Greetings in Indonesian

Greetings in Indonesian. We would like to share how to greet in Indonesian through this simple video. You can repeat what the speaker said for your exercises while taking a mini tour to some beautiful places in Indonesia on the scenes. We hope you’ll like it. Let’s speak Indonesia!

Otherwise let’s do more digging here. In Indonesian language or more familiar among foreigners is Bahasa, we have four time indicators pagi (morning), siang (noon), sore (afternoon) and malam (evening).

When do we call morning, noon, afternoon or evening? Are there any time limits? Of course. Roughly there are

  • pagi at 12:01 am (1 minute past 12 midnight) to 10 am,
  • siang at 10 am to 2 pm,
  • sore at 2:01 pm to 6 pm or
  • malam at 6:01 pm to 12 am.

To greet people we add a word selamat to the time indicator. For example “Selamat pagi!” (“Good morning!”). If you look into your dictionary, selamat does not mean good but congratulations, safe or good luck. How come?

Most of Indonesians are Muslims. According to Biro Pusat Statistik (Central Bureau of Statistics), a 2010 Population Census shows us there are about 207 million or 87.2 % Muslims of the total population. Consequently, Indonesians have adopted many Arabic languages including selamat.

The word selamat is from salima (Arabic), means safe, to be safe. When you say “Selamat pagi!” May your morning is safe and good luck! It lays a prayer between greetings.




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