Indonesian Language Courses in Jakarta

Indonesian language courses in Jakarta

Pura Taman Ayun

Indonesian Language Courses in Jakarta and Surrounding Areas for Expatriates/Foreigners Contact Santi at 087782010028 |


Selamat datang!

Do you wish to get along well with Indonesians? Hangout and chat without worrying to offend anyone. Mau tau? Just contact the cellphone number call, SMS/WA and drop your inquiries to email above for details.

We welcome you all foreigners from professionals/business and students of many disciplines to participate in Bahasa Indonesia Program at your office or home. Our services cover Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi (JABODETABEK) areas. Online classes are available to allow participants nearby or worldwide to join us.

Learn colloquial Indonesian for daily life fast, and feel confidence to apply it in any situations (such as at the office, bank, money changer, travel bureau, railway station, bus terminal, airport, service station, clinic/hospital, pharmacy, library, book store, beauty shop, restaurant, club, shopping center, traditional market, sport center, telephone manners, home, etc.); and learn proper expressions by recognizing with whom you are talking to (e.g.: your driver, helper, neighbors, younger or older people, children, spouse, friends, colleagues and strangers).

For enthusiast participants, encourage yourselves to master formal Indonesian Language. Enrich your knowledge of Indonesia by understanding textbooks, newspaper, magazines, and other reading materials. We also open classes Bahasa Indonesia for Special Purposes, like business, presentation, interview, consultation, debate and others.

The program will be provided in one to one and groups. Each class consists of 1 to 4 people. Schedule is flexible, once to three time a week or intensive. See also an Indonesian version here…

Enjoy learning the language in a friendly environment.

Ayo Berbicara Indonesia 😀

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