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Online Indonesian Classes 

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Hello Indonesian enthusiasts,

We believe you never give up learning everything about Indonesia, especially the language. No matter how difficult we meet in person during the pandemic, online classes will be the solution to allow us meet at Hangouts or other applications which provide video calls. Therefore, social distancing is not an issue anymore. Join us by emailing or whatsapp your inquiries above.

Let’s find out what you will learn in Indonesian language. For beginners you will study colloquial Indonesian quickly, understand and feel confidence to apply it in any situations (such as at the office, bank, money changer, travel bureau, railway station, bus terminal, airport, service station, clinic/hospital, pharmacy, library, book store, beauty shop, restaurant, club, shopping center, traditional market, sport center, telephone manners, home, etc.); how to order a ride or food from Gojek application; and learn proper expressions by recognizing with whom you are talking to (e.g.: your driver, helper, neighbors, younger or older people, children, spouse, friends, colleagues and strangers).

As enthusiast participants, encourage yourselves to master formal Indonesian Language. Enrich your knowledge of Indonesia by understanding textbooks, newspaper, magazines, and other reading materials. We also open classes Bahasa Indonesia for Special Purposes, like business, presentation, interview, consultation, debate and others.

The program will be provided in one to one and groups. Each class consists of 1 to 4 people. Schedule is flexible, once to three times a week or intensive.

Enjoy learning the language in a friendly environment.

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