What is the difference between teman and taman?

What is the difference between teman and taman? Probably most of you wonder why am I questioning those two words.

Slightly back to a few days ago. When I was teaching Indonesian to a foreign speaker (expat) he was hard to distinguish between teman and taman word because they sound the same. Of course I helped him to spell and explain the meanings. T-E-M-A-N – Teman, then T-A-M-A-N – Taman. Teman is friend while taman is park, garden.

It was asked repeatedly by other foreign speakers who I teach. Although it seems ordinary, the question keeps tickling my mind.

For Indonesians the meaning is very clear. Teman literally means according to artikata.com, friends; comrades. People who work together (do, walking); opponent (chatting).

Simply I think, teman (friends) are the ones who always have a good relationship with us under any circumstances. With whom we share the joys and sorrows, arguing and having fun at the same time.

While the taman (parks) are still referring to the same source, namely parks, gardens planted with flowers and so forth; a delightful place.

At parks we play, make jokes, exercises, talk or just relieve fatigue from the siege of the problem and more carbon dioxide. By inhaling oxygen and enjoy the hospitality of beautiful plants laid orderly, here born the bright ideas that lead one to an OPTIMISM.

From the description of teman and taman on both contain the same element of fun. In other words, there is a correlation.

Teman + Taman = Senang (Friend + Park = Fun)

Let me say in one sentence: “Berteman di taman menyenangkan.” (Having friends in the park is fun).”

Therefore, I resume that teman and taman have different meanings but a combination of both can produce pleasure (kesenangan). We spend time with friends in the park for fun. Look! From infants, children, teenagers, adults to the elderly gathered there. In the cool morning as well as in the atmosphere of shady afternoon. A few toddlers play water and pay attention to the movement of fish in the pond while their mothers feed them. The majority of mothers and fathers dance Poco-poco. The elderly jog or just walk on the reflexology path. The heat of the midday sun is difficult to stop the laughter among friends because they are in the shade of the thick foliage.

Night at the parks is not dark. They are always illuminated by handsome lights which brighten every corner, exposing elegance shapes of the leaves that only look green on daylight. Sadness in the cold night was temporary forgotten. If lucky we could hear the music and beautiful voice of street singers or well-known. While enjoying the festivities or solemnity of sounds and sights, we refresh the mind and feelings. Also in the garden we mingle with ‘comrade-in-arms’/teman seperjuangan (old friends), and even make new ones.

Since morning till evening, spacious and beautiful garden is one of the most favorite places to visit. Invite your closest people. Come! Sit on the benches. Spread the mat and open the supplies immediately. Attach the headset. Turn the music on your Ipod or cellphone, and read your favorite book. Equally excited with other activities, not long ago a group of teenagers performed a flash mob accompanied by loud music. Another one that is more challenging today – regardless of age, among the park visitors agreed to join the hunt for monsters of Pokemon. Let’s Go! 😀

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